Rick Anderson - Lady Among the Colors in Firenze

Watercolor, acrylic and gouache painting by Rick Anderson.

Artist Statement: Growing up in the Mississippi Delta has a strong impact on my art. The Delta is expansively flat and yet complex, with linear planes created by flooding, farmland, wooded areas and open fields that repeat, one after another, toward the horizon. My work reflects this complexity, but the Delta does not limit my art. As I travel, whether in the United States or abroad, where the terrain changes, I capture these changes of place through sketches, notes, memory, and photography. I often work in a spontaneous and fluid manner beginning with just a basic idea. As I incorporate design elements through images, shapes, and layering techniques, the work itself guides me. I find the journey of discovery personally fulfilling. I invite the viewer to arrive at his or her own interpretation of the work. I don’t define myself as a one media artist. This allows me the flexibility to create work using a variety of methods and media.