Helen Burkett - Sun and Shadow #2

Transparent watercolor painting on Arches #140 watercolor paper by Helen Burkett.

Artist Statement: These are transparent watercolor paintings using multiple glazes to develop strong contrasting values which, along with line and color, create three dimensional abstract rhythmic patterns within a representational image on a two dimensional surface of Arches 140# cold press paper. There is no white or black paint used.

I am a watercolorist; I have worked in many media over the years as I was exploring but found my calling long since in watercolor. I love its potential for creating a feeling of light and depth. I feel the influence of many predecessors including Caravaggio's use of patterns of large areas of extreme light and dark, Burchfield's willingness to try to show movement and sound with shapes in a representational work, Kandinsky's recognition that the human mind wants to find representational images in abstract shapes, as well as in the work of many recent and contemporary artists.