Patrice Cameron - Pacific Royal Figurehead

Watercolor painting by Patrice Cameron.

Artist Statement: My realism watercolor paintings were consistently juried into shows, winning awards, and selling. Three years ago I sat alone, relaxed, and let my mind wander.

A basic element of art surfaced...values...and I sat with that, without reason. Then color arrived, the three primaries, in particular. An idea then started percolating... of blending the primary colors according to values. And then it was gone, like ideas do. But I kept pulling the thoughts back to me, devising practical ways of doing that. I woke early and went into the studio and created my first painting using three primary pigments and focusing on four values and simplifying large shapes Many paintings later I am still in my studio most days, painting several hours and experimenting with what I call my Tri/Quad/and Shapes technique.