Sanjay Desai - Milkman's Settlement from Colonial Era, India

Watercolor painting by Sanjay Desai.

Artist Statement: My goal is to recreate the magic of ordinary moments into a painting. I look to create that atmosphere. I am not just impressed by the visual impression of those ordinary moments. The weather, noise, the smell, the characters all come into play. I try to do this without being too accurate, deliberate or careful. I feel that watercolor needs a certain speed, a certain level of carelessness for the beauty of the medium to express itself.

The subject of my painting is a locality in the city of Pune, close to Mumbai which lies in western India. This is a traditional milkmen’s colony established more than a 100 years ago in Colonial days to supply milk to the military barracks nearby. It was a hot summer day in the month of May. I was riding my motorbike and noticed the scene as I sped by. Instantaneously my eyes made a note to come back. I liked the typical Indian forms within the clutter, the sharp shadows, the blinding sunlit areas and a wonderful story that lay in the location.