Robbie Fitzpatrick - Lynx Alert

Transparent watercolor painting by Robbie Fitzpatrick.

Artist Statement: My favorite subjects show up in the beautiful world around me. I admit I love illustrating the moments of animals, those special beings that share our world. A close second is the land I love. There are so many stories to be painted, and the transparent, soft, bright, colorful, deep, and deceptively dark watercolors are my tools. The colors of the sun-touched sky beyond my favorite trees, the sparkle of raindrops on blossoming beauties are my inspiration. Buds just beginning to show, roses in their glory, the bright yellow of a ripe lemon, those are my means. If I can get people to look at my work and remember, or imagine, dream, smile, or wonder, laugh or cry, then I have reached them, and I've done what I hoped to do.