Jean Gill - Fancy Plants

Transparent watercolor painting by Jean Gill.

Artist Statement: I often use a dominance of pure hues in a full value range from white paper to the darkest value that can be achieved from my preselected colors, and my paintings are always a mix of planning and spontaneity. Fancy-plants was done on dry, vertical paper, and some areas of downward flow were captured and preserved in the finished work. To me, the contrasts of hard and soft edges, light and dark values, warm and cool colors represent the dichotomy of chaos and order that characterizes steamy, streaming, swaying, showy tropical foliage. I am partial to curvilinear, organic subjects, and I often impose or exaggerate geometry to create a strategic directionality. Here I took liberties with arcs to enhance visual pathways and movement; I also employed artistic license in emphasizing a secondary triad (green, violet and orange) with primary and tertiary contrasts. The title, a neologism, is a play on the word fancy-pants.