Jennifer Sowders - Hancock Woodlands

Watercolor on Yupo painting by Jennifer Sowders.

Artist statement: This past fall I was doing plein air with my friends at Riverbend Recreation Area (Findlay, OH). I had taken a break and on my way back to meet up with my group I saw and caught this amazing scene on camera that had me thinking: "I might've picked the wrong place to initially paint at?!" After I took a few pictures, I realized how fast the light was moving and that this moment was truly fleeting. I recognized the honor in being blessed to even see this amazing view and had it as a wallpaper on my mobile phone for a couple months-- seeing it every single day. Finally, I felt it was time to multiply it's inspiration through the use of watercolor on yupo paper. This being my second attempt using yupo; my first attempt last year was not so successful because I was unable to flow with the abstraction that yupo demanded for a portrait I was doing. I did however tuck in my sleeve the notion that yupo would be perfect in landscapes. It's luminous nature draws me now like it did that day.