Antigua Limbo - E. Richard Clark

E. Richard Clark, 2012

“While I was on a cruise, the ship docked in Antigua. As I was walking through the town, I noticed a crowd gathering around this man with the darkest bluish-black skin. I was inspired immediately to paint him. His body was youthful and wiry; his face told a different story. I wanted to portray the insults that age inflicted upon his human physiognomy.

“I watched him hustle the crowd, passing his cap as he engaged spectators. He put on music and placed a bar inches above the ground. Lowering his body, he began writhing moves of a contortionist, inching along until he passed underneath the bar. He stood proudly, smiling through missing teeth, bowing to the crowd.

“I work from photos, and I edit according to what adds to my main focus. I do most of my planning in my head; once I get an idea, I make a line drawing using a No. 2 mechanical lead pencil. My technique is pretty straightforward. I work from light to dark and use as many glazes as necessary to achieve the end results I’m looking for.”
—E. Richard Clark
H 12'' X W 20''
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