San Marco Nella Primavera - Steve Rogers

Steve Rogers, 2006

My purpose, as a REPRESENTATIONAL ARTIST is to portray the beauty of light and color in God's world as I experience it within my heart. These images are a series of watercolors I have painted since my first trip to the Mediterranean in 1992. On this and subsequent trips I have been able to paint this beautiful land not as one who sees it every day, but as a “visitor”, who is awestruck by something fresh and new and at the same time very ancient

As an INTUITIVE ABSTRACT ARTIST I am inspired by the plein air locations that I teach in throughout the United States and Mediterranean Europe. When I return to the studio my passion has increasingly become painting the emotion and spiritual feeling of place rather than elaborating on the representational imagery I have already created in the field. I am only using this internal reference as a jumping off point and I then begin a conversation with the painting itself in which I allow Its development to guide my action in an intuitive and responsive manner. Somewhere toward the end of this dance I engage in a more proactive way to pull the composition together. I am working on 300 lb. Hot Pressed Paper with Golden Fluid Acrylics and Caran d’Arches watercolor pencils which allow me the freedom to respond as the painting evolves without the limitations of traditional transparent watercolor.
H 28'' X W 40''

Biography courtesy of Steve Rogers.