Junwei Dai - Raining

Watercolor painting by Junwei Dai from Singapore.

NWS Award XXIII - Bonese Turner Award

Artist Statement: This painting's origin comes from my nostalgic feelings for my hometown Jiang Nan. Being homesick is like having raindrops dripping into my heart. My childhood had witnessed the demolition of small cities in the
urbanization process. The winding alleys of Jiang Nan disappeared and were replaced by cold sidewalks. The drizzle in a foreign place often evokes the scene of my old home in the depths of my memory: rainwater lanes in the middle of Huang Mei weather (Rainy Season) in Jiang Nan, corners covered with moss, and mottled gables. These fragmented memories are sealed forever in that era. Time goes by and never returns. The past can only be remembered.