Pasqualino Fracasso - Work in Progress

Watercolor painting by Pasqualino Fracasso from Chatillon, Italy.

NWS Combined Award XIV - NWS Member & PA Awards

Artist Comments: I was born in 1973 and I live in Aosta Valley - Italy. I studied as aerospace engineer. I started painting 16 years ago because I felt this passion and when I started I felt immediately my inclination to this art. So, I studied with an Italian watercolorist that gave me the bases and then I studied as self-taught on books, videos, etc. Since 2010 I hold workshops and I exhibit all over the world.

This watercolor was born by my research to link realistic watercolor with something more abstract that could get out a hidden content from the subject of the painting. The challenge was to go over the traditional works, over the
technique and to dare to go beyond a good watercolor.