Xi Guo - Morning Berries

Watercolor painting by Xi Guo from St Augustine, FL.

NWS Combined Award XIII - Henry Fukuhara Award

Artist Statement: I am always deeply touched by something brilliant, illusionary, mysteries and impermanent like candles in the dark, fireworks in the deep blue sky or the morning sunlight come through the east window.
Therefore, my paintings are all about the need for something that is capable of taking viewers out of here, out of themselves, even if they know that everything is phantom, everything, excluding nothing, is not permanent,
even if it is just for a moment. It's about investigating the impermanence of images, thoughts, realities and dreams.

Watercolor became my favorite media about ten years ago. I am fascinated by the transparency, uncertainty and fragileness of watercolor because they really match with the concept of my paintings. My goal is to tell the viewers what I consider and feel therefore technique will never be the priority of what I pursue. It is only a tool to make my thought readable.