Cathy Hegman - Sheltering

Watercolor and acrylic painting by Cathy Hegman from Holly Bluff, MS.

NWS Combined Donor Award II - Loa Sprung Memorial Award

Artist Statement: My art is my life both literally and physically. I am no longer sure where the paint ends and life begins or vice versa. I am for the most part a figurative painter. I particularly have a penchant for painting the unknown, the parts of life and painting that simply refuse to be defined. I paint figures that embody no particular persona, but are comprised of bits, pieces and facets of those who have in some way marked my journey for either good or
bad. The amalgamated resulting figure is both familiar, strange, and often enigmatic. The figure for the most part in my work is a two dimensional shape that integrates into and out of the background shapes. It is a pigmented push and pull of visual weight that seems to give the painting life without giving either a portrait or caricature of anyone. I most often prefer my forms to remain faceless, diffused and dimly lit, in an effort to keep them from being cornered and cajoled into representing a certain person or identifiable figure.