Robert Lee Mejer - Take PC Open Book #4

Watercolor painting by Robert Lee Mejer from Quincy, IL.

Artist Statement: As a Geometric Abstract Intimist I seek to express various emotional situations and psychic spaces via a layering process that operates out of a collage-space tradition. The impetus for my watercolors evolves from a small 6 x 4.5-inch collage study. The role of collage plays an important part in all of my work-its physicality, its illusion, and its spatial dominance. With watercolor I try to push the realm of illusion without resorting to the physical use of collage. I find the unique layering process and the fluidity of color to be seductive and rich in nuance. The painting is but a fingerprint of the spirit of this search.

In my watercolors I try to create a visual drama-via opposites, that equates to the pulse of life. I agree with Kandinsky that the circle is the most peaceful shape and that it represents the human soul. In my work I hope TO PRESENT (inside to out) rather than REPRESENT (outside to in).