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Giovanni Balzarani, NWS
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"Light takes about 8 minutes and 33 seconds to reach Earth from the Sun, an incredible journey that culminates in life.
Not only does it simply ""illuminate"" everything, but it causes many mechanisms to set in motion to make sense of everything.
When light hits an object it does not only pass through it, returning its spectrum of colors to our eye, but first draws its skyline, its elegant silhouette, defining its true matter ....
The brushes and pencils or any other tools we use to create are just commanded objects.
The real engine, in addition to our heart, are the eyes, even if we were to see a color or an ""unaesthetic"" thing that is not beautiful in appearance, in reality they are beautiful in their meaning because they are REAL, as we really see them ... We always paint with our eyes and never for banal rules dictated without feeling our ego moving in the right direction ..."