Marvin Chew, NWS - Sunlit Paradise

Marvin Chew, NWS
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"As an artist, I like to paint the mood and atmosphere of my surroundings and places I visit, converting mundane scenes, into works of art, with the emphasis of evoking a sense of nostalgia and belonging.

Growing up in Malaysia and now living in Singapore, my work usually depicts the tropical climate that I am so used to. Vivid colours, strong sunlights against dark shadows, sharp staccato edges, and bold calligraphic brushstrokes, have become the mainstay in my artworks which capture the hot and humid weather that is ever-present in this part of the world.

I like painting on location as it is the only way to have a direct and close observation of my subject matters, to gain intimate first-hand knowledge of the location and the inter-relationship between its people, community, the environment, and most importantly the quality of lights, how they affect shapes, colours and tonal values, all of which are vital information needed to create that unique moment in my paintings."