Radha Chatterjee, NWS - Where birds sleep# 103

Radha Chatterjee, NWS
Plano, TX
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Art is a window into harmony and color. I try to keep the pigments fresh while trying to experiment with value and composition. The process brings to me a sort of catharsis, filled with joy and tranquility. The inspiration for this painting came from my love for birds. I have painted birds for a long time, most often in watercolor. Now, I was inspired to make something more expressionistic. I looked at bird feeders, wondered about their sleeping arrangements - whether it might be along the ledge of an old building or of a tall tree. I drew from these musings to create a series of abstract expressionist paintings. I started the painting by adding darks to establish bigger shapes, texture and/or lines, mid-values, lastly brightest bright focal point colors. Finally adding details or fine lines. An important step is to remove myself from the granularity. I hang the painting in different orientations to see the mood and composition to settle for a few days, I do corrections, if needed.