Cathy Hillegas, NWS - Autumn Fire

Cathy Hillegas, NWS
Floyds Knobs, IN
Winsor & Newton Inc. Cash Award

"“The holy is nothing but the ordinary, held up to the light and profoundly seen.”
This quote, by Dr. Kendyl Gibbons, explains in a nutshell why I paint. The miraculous is all around
us. Treasures lie at our feet, bend in the wind above our heads, and unfurl on stems at our kneecaps.
Usually, we walk right by without seeing them. Every painting is an attempt to say, “Stop! Look at this.
No, really. Take a minute and really see.”
When looking for subject matter in the natural world, I am particularly drawn to objects or scenes that
are filled with light. Light transforms the mundane: making colors glow, illuminating details, and causing
unexpected color to spill into shadows. Light is often symbolic of the spiritual or that which exists
beyond ourselves. Light, in my work, serves as both subject and metaphor."