Uma Kelkar, NWS - Thorny but Juicy

Uma Kelkar, NWS
San Jose, CA
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I was a non-art engineer for many years until I realized the power of art – of its ability to slow us down, for its ability to make us feel the nuanced emotions, to make us sensitive to emotions in the first place and then to give us the tools to explore and experiment until a jewel of a solution occurs. Painting has made me a better engineer and researcher. And being an engineer makes me a better artist. The world as it stands needs talking across the aisle and I claim, we also need cross-pollination of ideas across occupations. I don’t paint things or nouns. I paint wet in wet because I paint adjective and verbs and there is only so much time one can hold the emotion of adjectives and verbs in one’s heart. My entry hopes to conveys the power, the confidence and even innocence of my eye.