Jan Ledbetter, NWS - The Maya of Chichicastenango # 235

Jan Ledbetter, NWS
Williamsburg, VA

Having traveled extensively in Central and South America with numerous trips to Guatemala and Mexico has not only given me wonderful adventures that have been experiences of a lifetime, but they have had a profound impact on my artwork. I am inspired by the Mayan history, culture, and people, and by their exquisite handmade textiles, imaginatively painted masks, and original craft items. My primary interest has always been to draw and paint the human figure. MOST IMPORTANTLY, I use figures of Maya women as the central design element in my acrylic and watermedia paintings. The works evolve through exploring the relationships of value, shape, color, and texture …. a pictorial tapestry that layers my observations with design elements, abstract motifs, personal symbols with my imagination. Each painting leads me on an exciting creative journey with an unknown destination.