Pat Moseuk, NWS - Ancient Pathways

Pat Moseuk, NWS
Concord, CA
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I consider myself a Contemporary Urban Abstract Painter. I'm captivated with texture, line, color, design and shape that are the aesthetics of the urban environment. When I'm out exploring and find old decayed building facades, pipes, a freeway intersection or a decrepit fence, this inspires me. My mind is like a camera and always taking pictures of what I see, feel and interpret in the environment around me. As a prolific and intuitive painter, I am always exploring and experimenting with new materials, textures and extending its' possibilities on several different surfaces. As an abstract artist, we make things up and take outrageous creative risks. Intuitive painting teaches us that there is a holy wisdom in allowing ourselves to be led and guided by whatever shows up on the paper or canvas in front of us. To let go of the common conceptions we know and open fully to the unknown. To making what is unconscious conscious and to trust what resides in one self.