Judy Nunno, NWS - Re-Peared

Judy Nunno, NWS
Weston, FL
New Signature Member
Bonese Collins Turner Innovative Concept Award

Judy Nunno is a realistic watercolor artist from Weston, FL. She has exhibited in numerous local, national and international shows winning more than 100 awards. She is a two-time winner in Watercolor Artist magazine’s Annual Watermedia Showcase, and her paintings have been published in Splash 16: Exploring Texture, Splash 17: Inspiring Subjects, Splash 18: Value - Celebrating Light and Dark, Splash 19: Illusion of Light, Splash 21: Capturing Mood, and Splash 22: The Creative Spark. Judy’s five-page instructional article “Not Your Grandma’s Florals” was featured in Watercolor Artist.