Liz Walker, NWS - September Light

Liz Walker, NWS
Beaverton, OR

"Liz Walker is a Portland-based artist whose work conveys a sense of story. Her subtle use of acrylic marbling enables her to turn unusual patterns and color combinations into subject matter by over painting parts of the marbled paper with acrylic paint. Liz’s figurative work focuses on our human/personal connections to one another. She often omits facial features, allowing viewers to bring their own experiences and stories to the painting.

""My paintings are about value and shape and how to best balance the two within a painting. I often start out with a dark or light shape, and then I stand back and evaluate what’s there—often making the shape into a figure and painting negatively around it. I never know what the painting will look like until the very end when I bring it to completion. It’s that element of chance that keeps it interesting for me and (I hope) for the viewer. """