Whimsical by Judi Betts, NWS

My paintings are meant to illuminate life and stimulate discussion and thought about subjects and scenes found every day. Simple shapes are also important to me. The simplest shapes can often be the most striking so I try to display my subjects in that manner. I make every effort to simplify that which is complicated. I eliminate unnecessary shapes and combine small pieces into one larger shape. All of the elements combined create a feeling - an atmosphere - I call “creative realism”. Painting, for me, is the result of emotions which have evolved from personal experiences. I savor cheerfulness; and I try to be an optimistic, enthusiastic person. Emotion does not have to be happiness, but happiness is what I choose to display. I enjoy taking ordinary, everyday scenes and developing them into dramatic, simplified presentations by utilizing light, abstract configurations, and invented color. I am pleased that my work has been described as watercolors that sparkle.
Baton Rouge, LA

Please contact NWS Gallery Manager Louisa McHugh for purchasing information. [email protected]