Spirit of Spring by Terri Field

While taking walks during winter, I began taking photos of the intricate patterns of tree branches. I have always been inspired by the way the light shines through the leaves and branches of trees. I intuitively use the shapes of the branches and colors from my imagination to portray the light and life of the moment.​Trees, their roots and branches, spread like ideas, lightning, or connections in our brain. Every person who ever lived can relate to or have respect for a tree in some way. In this, trees are unifying. They speak to us, to our souls, without words but with quiet whispers. They gently share truths about ourselves, about history, and about eternity.​Trees are generous. They ask nothing of us but give the gift of their shade, fruit, and beauty all their lives. They re the ultimate example of family, of seasons, of growth, and life.
Oconomowoc, WI

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