The Road to Freedom - GW Bridge by Dorrie Rifkin

 Step 1: Have a Full Great Life. I enjoy friends, family, travel, art and good music. No matter where I go, I always remember to take my sketchbook and/or camera. The opportunity for inspiration can be found in surprising places. Step 2: Structure and Planning. Here is the only step where I take control. I make a tight, detailed drawing. This gives me the freedom to not worry about missing the image I want to capture. Step 3: Painting and Trust. I have been an advertising art director for over twenty years. My eye naturally goes to typography, bold color and design. I just stop thinking and then it’s all instinct. My biggest concern while I am painting is making sure I don’t stick my paintbrush in my diet coke instead of my water. Step 4: Inspiration. I allow others to see my work and contribute. Step 5: Go back to Step 1.
Englewood, NJ

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