Homes twenty-eight by Jiangang Sun

About the watercolor painting "Homes twenty-eight " The "bird's nest" and "bird's egg" in the painting seem to imitate the natural scenery, but in fact they are a kind of psychological suggestion, reflecting the relationship between nature and human beings, the concept of metaphorists, the relationship between the next generation and education, etc. The bird's nest and eggs with a strong sense of primitiveness are used as the main body of the picture, seeking a "sense of manufacture" between motley and smooth, rough and round, to reflect the connection between life and nature. "Homes" is the thinking extension of "Bird's Nest", implying people's spiritual home. In addition to the concept of "home", it also has the meaning of "nature and man" and "environmental protection", which completely enables people to devote themselves to the ultimate concern for the human living environment.

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