Type Bars by Peter Jablokow, NWS

Peter Jablokow
NWS Signature Member
Evanston, IL

SOLD - Purchase Award

NWS Award V

Artist Statement:
I create watercolors of buildings, bridges and machinery with a messy, rusty, chaotic feel that comes with age and lack of use. The patterns, textures and colors of large, old, decaying equipment. I start my process by defining every line and detail in pencil. Perspective angles and vanishing points are refined with a ruler to line everything up cleanly, helping me feel my life is in control. Next, chaos ensues when, what feels to me like arbitrary layers of watercolor are thrown on the paper. While feeling lost, I add and delete many layers of color back and forth until the painting eventually comes back into focus. I hate the chaos, love the order, and feel gratified when I end up with a combination of both.