Silence in the air by Ekaterina Sava

Ekaterina Sava
Fiumicino, Italy


Artist Statement:
Ekaterina Sava (Ziuzina) was born in Novorgudok, Belarus. Today Ekaterina is a renowned watercolorist within the art world. She uses her great skill of subtlety and representation within all her many diverse subjects. Particularly in her detailed paintings of flowers, which always show a great sense of passion and understanding. One of her great strengths lies in the capacity she has of creating an amazing transparency in her still life and life paintings. Ekaterina Sava graduated from the Belarusian National Technical University in 2012, majoring in architecture. She is currently head of the Watercolor Society of Belarus. Since 2012 Ekaterina Ziuzina has successfully exhibited in major watercolor exhibitions around the world, including Turkey, China, France, Thailand, Italy, Mexico, The USA, India and Europe.