Orchids at Attention, Orchids at Ease by Bonnie Steinsnyder

Bonnie Steinsnyder
New NWS Signature Member
Brooklyn, NY

NWS ScholARTship Award

Artist Statement:
Along with the larger issue of preserving nature, orchids have personal meaning for me. I grew up with dense greenery in Florida. I want to convey the atmosphere of being surrounded by foliage and flowers. Orchids in particular have form and gesture that often suggest narratives, so there is metaphor as well as beauty in using them as subjects. The delicacy of petals, surface decorations and bold shapes of orchids are perfect for flowing brushstrokes, wet in wet washes and experimental techniques. Paint manipulation both in flow and in aggressive physical attack (lifting, scraping, manipulated plastic wrap) puts part of me in every painting. This is a very sensual approach to working with watercolor; exploring the luminous glow of transparent watercolor as well as the tactile surface of the artwork. Orchids at Attention, Orchids at Ease is named for upright symmetrical flowers behind relaxed ones with waving petals. Textures are from plastic wrap, granulation and lifts.