Tangled by Carmella Tuliszewski, NWS

Carmella Tuliszewski
NWS Signature Member
Flourtown, PA

Artist Statement:
A defining characteristic of my work is saturated color enhanced by dramatic lighting. I enjoy portraying the relationship of objects to one another. How do they acknowledge one another through reflection and shadow? And how do the objects gather to create a dynamic composition? Questions I always ask myself as I begin the work. What I love about watercolor is that even with the best planning you just never know for sure how the elements will mingle on the picture plane. I adore the light of the paper through the paint and building up color with seemingly endless glazes of the thinnest applications of color. I came across this scene while walking through the backyard of a Pennsylvania thrift store. The tangle of glass, brass and wire was so interesting and the way the light was hitting even more so. It was something I could not walk away from.