Kyokusen by Carrie Waller, NWS

Carrie Waller
NWS Signature Member


Artist Statement:
I love to show people the way that I see the world. A common theme in my work is taking utilitarian objects, that we have in our daily lives, and elevating them to their most beautiful. Kyokusen, meaning curved line in Japanese, is an example of this theme. Light is a muse in almost all of my paintings and even more so in this painting, all about light in many forms. This painting incorporates sunlight, lighting this composition, and then the actual objects which produce light themselves. I have showcased lightbulbs in a larger than life format with interesting colors shooting through the composition. I set this still life set up outside in the bright sunlight and photographed many reference images. I then take the photo references and manipulate them in photo editing programs until I am happy with a composition. I paint cellularly, one inch at a time, until competition. This establishes my values immediately and ensures that I have a successful painting.