Castle Rock Canyon by Lynn Welker, NWS

Lynn Welker
NWS Signature Member
Newport Beach, CA

Artist Statement:
I am drawn to the geology and texture of earth surfaces. Inventing abstract landscapes with subtle narratives is what excites me. Without preplanning, images gradually emerge through loosely applied water media and collage. I work intuitively, looking beyond the surface, reaching deeper, and exploring the effects of erosion, sedimentation, weather, and the passing of time. Working with mixed media encourages freedom of experimentation and innovation. From the first acrylic underpainting to the final steps of refining the narrative and composition, I am constantly making both intuitive and thoughtful decisions. Most importantly, my innate style of creating tension by combining geometric form with organic shapes found in nature is always present. Influenced by observation and a heightened sensitivity to geologic patterns and mood allows me to shift attention from a world of technology to one that reconnects people to the richness of the land and its people.