Rene Eisenbart - She's Golden

Watercolor painting by Rene Eisenbart.

Artist Statement: Working from a photograph of her friend Verna, Rene distilled out just the shapes that tell the story. Layering cut handmade paper over a background of poured paint achieves the jaunty attitude Verna exudes in real life. The title refers to her sunny hat, delightful age and to her husband’s ring which is faithfully displayed around her neck. Areas left vaguely undefined invite the viewer to fill in the gaps.

BIO: Rene Eisenbart’s work reveals the whimsy of her imagination. It is the product of seeing the world through curious eyes. She finds the creative process exhilarating and loves to experiment, allowing the “imperfections” that make her paintings unique. Layers of pattern along with glazes of color evoke a feeling of movement. Organic textures from flowing paint form shapes of light and shadow that tell a tale, leaving enough ambiguity for you to invent the narrative. In 2008 Rene left a 25 year career as an artist for The Oregonian to make her way in the world of fine art, reinventing herself. She is a signature member of National Watercolor Society, Western Federation Watercolor Society, Northwest Watercolor Society and International Society of Experimental Artists. Rene teaches classes in her studio in Portland’s Tualatin Mountains and leads art retreats and workshops around the world.