LS Eldridge - The Tools of Line and Color

Watercolor painting by LS Eldridge.

Artist Statement: The focus of my “Measure” series of paintings was inspired by a cache of vintage tools I discovered while clearing an old family shed (a small barn really) that was slated for demolition due to repeated flood damage. While staying true to the original inspiration of the “Measure” series, I recently took it in a new direction. I began a pilgrimage to interpret the context and significance of tools in art. For me this departure has brought a new measure of interest to this art sequel. I hope you enjoy its progression.

I have always been interested in art. For my seventh birthday I asked my parents for a bike and to visit the Tate in London. In the study of both art and mechanical drawing, I discovered the power of dynamic spatial relationships. It should come as no surprise that conceptually I explore and integrate both of these disciplines. My work focuses on the representational, the construct telling the story while component parts challenge the viewer with clues or symbols. I am drawn to many subjects, but my favorites for reinterpretation involve bold elements that I find intrinsically charismatic. I find the timeless, compelling subject matter conjoined with the fluid medium of watercolor riveting.