Frank Webb - San Miguel

Watercolor painting by Frank Webb.

Artist Statement: My subject appeared from memory, imagination and by way of a pencil sketch that had been made on location. I re-created created it with small preliminary pencil doodles. Using design principles, I translated visual data into art elements (my own shapes, tones, colors and sizes). If some residue of nature emerges, no harm is done.

Frank Webb is a Dolphin Fellow of the American Watercolor Society. He has conducted painting workshops internationally and has authored five books. The American Artist Magazine included Webb in the 20 best Watercolor teachers in the U.S. He has won over 120 major awards. The Transparent Watercolor Society of America has granted him Master Status. A frequent juror, he has lectured twice to members of the American Watercolor Society and once to the National Watercolor Society. Ten art museums have Webb paintings in their permanent collections. He has exhibited in Bangkok, Singapore, Qingdao, Shenzhen, Jiangsu, Taipei, Thessaloniki, Glasgow, Toronto and Mexico City. In 2019 Webb was an Honorary Guest at the American watercolor Society dinner where he was recognized as a Living Legend.