Rita Thornton - Lion Cub in Hiding

Watercolor painting by Rita Thornton.

Artist Statement: Sunlight filtering thru the bushes reveled this solitary lion cub hidden while it's mother was away hunting. The play of light and shadows on the cub was very intriguing as a painting as well as provided invisibility and a safe hiding space for the cub.

Early in my career I explored every subject imaginable. I found wildlife and floral's to be my favorite subjects. Floral's for their wonderful colors and wildlife for their wonderful spirits. Painting comes from within. It is the process of taking shapes, colors, and values and being passionate about putting it all together. I have always loved animals and I believe they are our greatest gifts and teachers. I have been privileged to be able to travel to Kenya and Tanzania many times to photograph and observe the wildlife of East Africa. Being able to travel to Africa has been the realization of a life-long dream for me. A life changing experience.